Journal (Entry 3)

It’s Week 12, and the 24th of May and things are getting busy this week for many of Story Worlds students. We had a series of publishing briefs come in for The Book Curator, though mercifully the publishers gave us a week to complete them. I recently got to see one of the articles I wrote for them in their latest issue, which was rewarding to see. Others are working on Book Week projects, but I’ve chosen not to be involved in them given my current projects and a lack of interest or know-how at the time.

My current projects include the Juno Jones Book Trailer and the new Money Habitues project and Rhiza Edge project.

The trailer’s script is still with the publisher, though Zara and I know from Craig that it’s edited and finished. They just haven’t gotten it back to us yet.

I can’t remember the workshop I agreed to be apart of Money Habitudes. However, it was recent. I got the box today from Sophie and am going to try to play it over the weekend. To my understanding, after we, the client wants us to write an article advertising the money management game with the article’s style being both instructions and story-like. Craig said we could go as far as, “it was a dark and stormy night” type story, which is cool. That is as far as I’ve gotten with this one.

It was around the 11th of April when I joined the Rhiza Edge Research team and project. It is perhaps my favourite project yet, although writing Juno Jones’ script was enjoyable. However, in saying this, the project has tested my teamwork skills. Several miscommunications have occurred, and a month into the project we haven’t progressed in a way that feels productive and every researcher; myself included, seems to have their own perspective on what we should research and put in our briefs. Agreeing is rare and decisions are often short-sighted meaning we abandon them within a few days. It is difficult and frustrating for me, and I think part of the reason why I’m having this reaction is because of one of my behavioural traits. Someone once pointed out to me that I what to know what I’m doing, how I’m going to do it and when I’m going to do it, all before I even start. In that situation three years ago, I was riding horses, but the same can apply to this teamwork issue. I want to know exactly what I need to do, and I want to align what I’m doing with whatever everyone else is doing. Consequently, I’m leading myself into frustrating situations. From now on, I’m going to try to focus on what in my control.

I plan to reflect on my original goals and aims of this unit and how most of them I’ve scrapped, but that’s a discussion for another time.